turn to happy mode


hi babes..

i am apologized due to few emotional entries recently.. ahhaha.. *blamed period hormones due to instability.. wink.. wink..

i am fully recovered now. ceh!! finally i manage to switch on my happy mode. thanks to buddies and sweetheart as well as my lovey dovey blogger babes who's cheer me up and brighten my days..

yesterday i watched beautifulnara[dot]com via project alpha and he did mention useful tips and tricks on blogging. i realized readers doesnt like to read so many emotional entries but do prefer a relax one, not so long but short and simple, say no to heavy issues but try to make interesting topic from author's point of views and the most important one is the originality itself. phew..

well, i learn a lot this week. no complicated life anymore.. turn happy ^___________^

Best regards,