he left us forever


al-fatihah to my dear best buddy harris a.k.a macha (the left one).. may you rest in peace, there..

harris and i used to be good friends in university. he's our president of faculty's club and i was his secretary.. we collaborated organized many activities for students.

at my 1st time met him, he's very nice guy, soft spoken, dedicated, active with sport and club, sometimes playful, easy going and have a beautiful girl friend..

i remember we went to team building programmed at melaka, organized 'english for fun' project for primary schools, futsal inter faculty and annual dinner 2007..

since i am his secretary, we're about closed and shared many things together. eh.. basically about club and maybe few about personal things. hu2x.. sometimes, after class we spend time with other club members and have coffee break at mamak..

being his secretary, he shared with me lots of problems esp about club, activities organized and lecturers.. from my point of view, he's very dedicated person and be good leader as well..

however, a week before his death i found he's change a lot. then i never thought some thing already goes wrong.. yes, i still remember my last time speak to him when i was invited them (harris and his housemate) to my open house 2007.

24 hours before his death, we're online via ym. as usual he's cheerful.. i never thought it was our last episode.. hurm.. things i never regret is we're asked apologized and it's 0-0 between us. alhamdulillah..

today, 27.10.2009 was 2nd years he left us forever.. unfortunately, he dead a day when i organized my open house. he left us around 2 am and around 8pm was my open house.. i asked for my buddies to read prayers to late harris before we started the event..

Best regards,