i never understand you


currently, i am very angry and dislike some one. i hate when he's ego and over protective.. seems like i am a small child. i never understand him.. yes.. i am not. i've tried but seems me wrong. no body can say something against him.. why? why? he's become like that??! omg..

i wish i could understand him.. i wish i know what exactly he thought about me. i wish he could explain instead of said nothing and annoyed! i wish more..

sometimes he's ok. ouh sorry, most of the time he's ok. but then when come things he doesnt like he totally said no without any reasons.. oh, please.. that part i could take any more..

then most of the time he disagree were things i really hope so and wish for.. the only things so far i dream for.. hurm..

life is complicated.. i hate this feelings..

luckily, my sweetheart was here. hope he can make me feels better. most of the time, he did great job. thank you very much sweetheart.

... it's all about emotional last night. hurm...

Best regards,