serious matter


hello babes. happy wednesday.

sorry for not updating any activities since last weekend. insya Allah, slowly lah.. well, i am still running out of time on thesis progress but then i've tried to put a slot for updating my simple pink blog.

talking about the progress on other next entry but now i would like to share about some thing which ..

is a dustbin/ recycle bin/ ect etc

last night i went to bandar sri permaisuri for late dinner and purposely had an informal interview with someone. end up, i being his what so ever you see above..


he got a problematic and being his good listener for couple of years he shared with me his love story..

finally, i let him think again and again to being love or to love some one. plus.. never sacrifice your happily life if you really know by marrying that girl you'll definitely suffer for the rest of your life. phew..

Best regards,


*ayu* said...

masalah hati perasaan etc etc etc...