give me some time, please


hello babes.. how do you do? octopus eh october was my hectic month ever in this year i guess due on final exam, thesis submission and surprised a presentation will be held within the same month. thank god!

by the way, alhamdulillah my collection of data was going according to the plan and i have to work hard to analyze them soon. what else?? ouh, this weekend i shall stay @ fspu library to complete my chapter 2 which is literature review. according to my supervisor who i just met him once omg!! he asked me at least prepared 20 different types of books for citation. nice! now, i only got 5.. 15 more books to review..

last but not least, due to my busy daily routine which i am very busy face booking rather than writing up for my thesis hhuhuhu.. this is my study table!

this horror looking will be back to normal look soon.. i guess on early dec everything insya Allah will back to the normal.. amin.

please.. give me some time ya.. ehhehe.

Best regards,