such an honored


hello babes. happy tuesday..

yesterday i found this at my fb's wall.

currently, my buddies and i love to join and answered 20 funny questions.. seriously, it's interesting ok when you shared opinions among yours..

back to the picture i attached, such an honored when my best buddy stated that kind of fact. cewahh.. he2x

ok, alhamdulillah and thanks lalink.

i believed my best buddies know well and understand best about myself. in fact, best buddies itself were 1st person to criticize me in order to improve myself better. as for me, when you are like to present or what so ever, well prepared are best that i recommended and shared.

well prepared here referred to you and team working together, understand the group direction and always calm in crisis. never over confident nor too nervous ya. be cool~

the rest, on particular time what ever happened never show peeps that you've done wrong or any mistakes because no body know about your group's.. smile and continue..

i thought there's tips and tricks i used when i done presentation individually or in group. alhamdulillah, even my english was not good enough still i am practice on presenting in english. so far, peeps still understand me. he2x

all the best, babes..

Best regards,