surprised on 2nd syawal


basically i dont have any ideas what exactly the plan for 2nd syawal. based on previous years, we usually asked for forgiveness with all mom's family members and visited neighbors..

but this year, there's a big surprised which only tok aji and my dad knows.. we just follow them and during that time it was rainy..

fine, just an open house. every one cant stop eating.. eat here and eat there.. as for me, i just hungry and i thought i drink almost 4 glass of water -__-"

my mom and maksu. they eat a lot! ahhahaha.. penang laksa, curry me, i dont know what kind of nasi lah and etc etc.. ^.^

after that every one wait for their turn and dup dap dup dap.. some one is nervous! my lil cacccchhhiinnnn'.. she's excited. nervous. i am not sure what else. as usual, i am doing fine :P

an honored, a big surprised, a pleasant birthday gift, a memorable time ever when we got chances to have a picture with our vice prime minister.. ehhehe. actually, this is what tok aji requested to my dad and we just follow them. on the way to the open house, my dad told us where by we're on the way to pagoh to see vice prime minister -______-

family photo in front of the open house.. we're blessed to become johorean. cewah~ eh. eh. alhamdulillah.

last but not least, our vice prime minister's car.. also can lah~ ehhehe..

more and more stories will update later.. check this out, later babes!!

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lily lotus said...

pic dgn keta yg tak tahan tu