2nd syawal


happy birtday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy belated birthday to you

birthday entry will update later =)

1st, this is our small family photo. we're small happy family but love each other so much!!! alhamdulillah, we're so closed. i am so glad will having big happy family next year. amin..

the birthday girl and i.. ouh, i almost forgot to wish her on 12am. we went to sleep and wake up early, busy prepared for every thing until my mom remind me about her birthday. no wonder this birthday girl was so hard to wake her up due to all of us forgot to wish her -__-" sorry cacchhhiinnnn!!!

this is my maksu. we will having a big plan after this. check this out!! ^.^ ouh, please ignored my chubby face. suddenly like to blame my scarf's style =P

we went to vvip's open house on our 2nd syawal. stay tune.. hurm.. well, as usual the traffic were badly jammed T.T"

little girls with momma mia. ngehh. ehheh. so sardines but i love the moment we spend together -_________________- see.. see.. i really appreciate it! alhamdulillah.

Best regards,