good bye sweetheart


now was 19th sept 2009 @ 2am.. kruppp..krupp. sounds of him eating tempeyek. while i was waiting to send my email to lecturer..

we just come from uptown danau emas looking for our last minutes preparation before syawal celebration.. maybe this is our last time meeting before he left me for training for one and half months. which.. almost no hp/ internet connections.

while in car, he told me that he hope to meet me during hari raya. i cant going back early, yes i know. my family wont give me permission, i assure that. i pray that he can visit me at johor..

currently, i am not sure my emotions. it's mix up! mostly i am tired.. sleepy. feels that i'll missing him. miss him so much. yes, i am so sad. feels want to cry.. but i have to face it. become stronger.. hurm.. there's a lot! -_____________________-" what i really know are i love him so much, i miss him so much, i hope that he will doing fine and i pray hard for the best for us.


good bye sweetheart. i miss you. i love you so much! ouh my god! i really feels that i want to cry now..

hurm.. now was 2.15 am. tomorrow morning i'll going home to johor. i miss my home so much, at the same time i wish i could stay longer with him. see him, talk to him, smile at him.

i have to stop.. before i'll make it worst. good bye..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

kuatkan semangat my dear. i know u can do it! :)

Lyn Yusoff said...

be patient ok..

syazana said...

aku tau kau kuat..