dear wednesday


hello babes. how do you do? happy wednesday.. maybe some of you have taken holiday starting from today onwards for syawal celebration.. as for me suppose there's have a class at uitm tomorrow but then we're not so sure either it will cancel or proceed. hurm..

what ever it is, i still can't going home early due to my sweetheart's mother invited me to buka puasa with them on this coming friday.. according to the plan, i should stay until saturday. since last year, they invited me to buka puasa and stay with them until a day before syawal celebration -___-

well, there's been few things which not complete yet such as i still not finish my mini popia, packing things before going home and find out new comfy sandal.. ouh! also my assignments T.T"

talking about assignments, i should submit them before syawal celebration!!! ok, till then. see you later, babes.

p/s: by hook or by crook, i need to complete everything by today..

Best regards,


syazana said...

mmg nk kn complete kerja hr ni
besok ptg nk balik kg.

lily lotus said...

selamat menyetelkan kerja harini..

daela said...