bazaar ramadhan @ sg besi


salam ramadhan all.

so far 3 times only i went to bazaar ramadhan. 1st at section 7, shah alam then stadium shah alam and the last but not least at sg besi. the best part is of cause at sg besi which fully sponsored by my sweetheart. alhamdulillah..

since he committed with his career, we cant easily met and date. so, when he managed to see me there's a big opportunities for us to spend as much as limited times together.. fine. dear sweetheart, i always understand it ^.^

ok.. i love to share with you babes my experiences on bazaar ramadhan @ sg besi. specifically it's located in front of polices' quarters area.. it's a very loooooooooongggg bazaar and easily to access as i went at 5pm.. foods and drinks are varieties with good prices. i am happy because i found the one and only uncle sold air katira -_____-

no need to type much.. just enjoy pictures from my car. this was taken while i drove back to shah alam.. peace!

previously i mentioned that i bought what ever he bought because i dont have any idea eh too much of choices until i dont know what to eat T.T" so to make it easy and fast we ordered for two! have chicken rice with a huge drumstick! i like~ tau fufa was his favvy .. 5 puffs mixed up with potatoes and sardines which two thumbs up! last but not least my favvy honeydew juices.

p/s: will buka puasa @ jj bukit tinggi and shopping again. see then. bye bye..

Best regards,