a big project before syawal


currently, i am doing this.. i do enjoy making his favvy. hurm.. i guess it become his favvy after i presented to him last year. well, after wards it will become my tradition, making this for him..

do not forget i making this for my family too. well, i hope i'll improving my skills on making this faster and nicer compared to last year -___________- ehhhehehe. i do hope by next time i can master the skill on baking cakes. his mother loves kek asam manis.. go,go syahira! try to bake it for her mother..

my mother loves making pineapple tart. i should master that skill too ^.^ woaaaa.. there's lot of skills to master. ngehh..ngehhh..

will update about this mini popia's progress later. want to go out, looking for buka puasa foods.. again, going to bazaar ramadhan for 4th times T.T"

Best regards,


syazana said...

Nak popia gak boleh????

cik syahira said...

dear syazana,

well.. come to my house lah this year. not only you got this, suji cookies also waiting for everyone. wink..wink.