best friends forever


my best friends or best buddies are persons who know me best, sharing moments together, good listener as well as criticizer and stand still for me when i need for help.

last weekend i spend my time with my best friends forever, sabil. she's one of my best buddies since i am in 1st year degree, last 2004. she went to jb met her future family in law and i went to my home sweet home.

on the way from shah alam-jhr, we cant stop chit chatting even though in fasting month. we love to share update stories about us, family and careers. every moment we spend in car along journey such a sweet memory to us. we laugh, we gossips and we talk about our futures -______-

i just remember last year we have small crisis which might broke our friendship but then alhamdulillah we managed to solve them professionally. we used to know each others and tried best to keep this forever. communication always be the secret in relationship; friendship even love affair.

there's long way to go and uncertainties in life. i do hope our friendship will always turn up and we're living happily ever after with our soul mates. amin ^.^

dear sabil, when we can meet again darling? ehhehe..

Best regards,