organic cottons or potpourri


hello babes.


recently i am looking for cute stuffs and wish to make it by myself ^.^ cool~ i just wonder on how to make a potpourri similar like lovely lace shops. ehhehe.

couple of months ago, i bought a potpourri in lovely lace shop and cost me very expensive just for one small item. ouh.. i just google above's picture. mine is similar like that but it comes with only one instead of few potpourri like in the picture..

based from my observation, my potpourri contents organic cottons instead of potpourri. so, anybody have any ideas which are much much more worth if i want to make large amounts of potpourri. either use organic cottons or potpourri?

help~ help~

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yuna _yakuza said...

lalink!! hik2... erm last year ke krisis? yeker? hehe nvr mind.. xingat lor... past is past.. erm biler jmpa lg?hik2 17 oct ok ke? hahaha... ish malu nyer berada dlm blog kamu.. sib baek agk2 fotogedik gmbr tersebut.. fuhh....