almost achieved


happy friday.. i miss my mom's cooking T.T" each times when i craved for something my mom cook it as requested. ehhehe..

like last two weeks i craved for spicy donuts which hardly found in shah alam. ouh to be specific in sek 7. then i requested to mom, immediately she made it for me.

then last weekend i craved for roti jalan and at the same time my dad requested it too T.T well, at the evening she made the roti jala and chicken curry which was yummy delicious.. me love like this!

ouh, last weekend there's also have ayam masak merah but i do prefer ayam masak kicap and also again the best sambal goreng ever ^.^ that ayam masak merah was catered by my mom's friend. if my mom's ayak masak marah i'll definitely say yess!

then, what else i wish for my buka puasa? ouh it's air katira, the best ever in jhr. i just wondered because i didnt found it/ again hardly found in shah alam.. my mom shown me on how to make air katira. it's on next entry lah -.-"

* i wish to have buka puasa with my sweetheart.

Best regards,


lily lotus said...

wah..syoknya jadi anak mak..hehe

*ayu* said...

sambal goreng!!! my favvy!!! aduh sedap nya yang...if u dont mind can u post the resipi plsssssss..

syazana said...

gemuk donut2 Pn.Mas ye..
Kuih suji ada x raya tahun ni?

cik syahira said...

dear kak lily,
ahaks.. no lah! blushed.

dear kak ayu,
ehhehe. will double conform to my mom 1st, the recipe. me not so good on doing this -____- ehhehe..