my hectic day


hello babes..

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from 9 am - 6 pm

finally, after the whole day of hunting for so many things we're end up with everything done for syawal ceberation.. alhamdulillah.

since there're so many people at each destinations, it's hard for me to shoot pictures. my sweetheart said, no need to shoot pictures because everybody knows how kl is look like especially during holiday.

people is everywhere. jammed and cramped. no sigh.

talking about jammed and cramped, it refer to masjid jamek - wisma yakin - jalan tar - sogo .. therefore, no pictures.. and my headaches started once a year each times when i step into sogo during ramadhan T.T" i dislike sogo!

after minutes i spend @ sogo i requested to my sweetheart to go any shopping malls which much more comfy and he suggested @ times square. eh, or i asked for times square?? ehhehe..

definitely, times square is the best choice. feels relaxed while walked around. i love the decoration inside this mall, there's many old styles houses and the theme is 'kampungku meriah' omg.. i wish i was @ home now!!!

lucky me while i was at this mall, there have a dancing performances. i've never told you babes that i was a dancer once upon a time. since i am 13-20 years old. music and dance are my passion -__________________-

alhamdulillah, i found my cute wedges for hari raya and my sweetheart bought a new songket for his samping and butang baju melayu.. we're happy couples ever!!! ^o.o^

before i send him to his camp we dropped by to sg besi bazaar ramadhan. phew.. it's a long entry for today. my next entry i'll share you some pictures of bazaar ramadhan @ sg besi and our menu for buka puasa last sunday. also about miharja. sigh.

p/s: still headaches but getting better, alhamdulillah.

Best regards,


syazana said...

best2 dah shopping..
aku nk cr gladiator heel lah..
tp opismate aku kt ganas sgt...

cik syahira said...

dear syazana,

beb, i found a lot of gladiator heels @ times square. wink..wink.