my review on dj-lrc grilled


1stly, read my full story of dj-lemon rosemary chicken grilled.

page one

page two

page three


finally, there's been a conclusion for my long entries..

- seriously we love dj-lemon rosemary chicken grilled.

- delicious, tasty and juicy.

- even kak dd's runner send me the chicken at 1115 and took almost 10 hours for our late dinner, still the taste was superb!

- i am glad that his mom also love it. ehhehe.. that's the important one lah.

- dear kak dd and abg jaz, congratulations and thank you very much for you efforts and great services!

- insya Allah, i'll conform you later for my next order.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

dia amek Order luar kl tak sheera??

cik syahira said...


not yet la.
within kl n sel only.
on public holidays.

DJ-LRC said...

salam syahira...

thnks ....nanti akk update lam blog LRC...


luar kl tu belah mana ekk?