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25 july 2009
1930: arrived at nenek's house. we were the last family members arrived. i met mak long's family, cik ida's family, cik cham's family, cik malek's family, cik wan's family but cik eni's and kak yan cant attended due they have a family day at pd. well, sweetheart's have a very big family..

2000: pray for maghrib together, read yasin n tahlil, pray for isya' and solat hajat.

2130: it's a dinner time.. lots of food. and i love them. so yummy delicious such as my lemon rosemary chicken grilled, nenek's hot n spicy chickens, mom's ketchup chickens and the rest were javaness styles which i dont know their names.. overall.. all foods are delicious and makes me miss my hometown T.T"

2300: watched tv, gossips, play with his cousins n went sleep.

* well last saturday i really have a great times with his families. thanks sweetheart.


Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

emm u dah betOl betOl bOleh sesuaikan diri ngn family derang ek.

sesuai sangatttlahhh kalO nak kawen!

mOga u happy always ya dear :)

cik syahira said...

so far alhamdulillah.
we're very closed among each others.
amin dear..