dj lemon rosemary chicken grilled


21 july 2009
this entry i dedicated special to kak didi and abg jaz from DJ LRC :

firstly thank you very much for taking order from cik syahira and housemates (sugarpie and terompahsurau). basically we were planning this for quit some times and finally conform to order this from kak didi ^o.O^ happy!

here i attached my name, syahira as one of their customers. wink..wink.

then i attached a super delicious look of the chicken.. so excited and cant wait to have this with us! babes, what are you waiting for just search their blog for details or send msg/ make a phone call to number attached here..


24 july 2009
thank god it's friday.. cant wait for saturday.. yummy.. delicious.. dj lemon rosemary chicken grilled ^o.O^


25 july 2009
suddenly there's been changes from plan A. currently i am on plan B- having this with my sweetheart. will update them soon.

*have a great weekend babes.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

waaaahh memang nampak enakkk bangatt!

apa rasanya?? sedap ke??

cik syahira said...

two thumbs up!