we are small

July 20, 2010.


good morning blog.

it was a sad story when some one or some party back stabbed us. they did complain many things about us. it's painful.

we did served the best and been polite to them however they were so rude to us, never grateful and had no manners! yeah, being rude and no manners were the same group is it?


it's frustrating la. from now on, i did stand with what the order were and never giving any chances any more. but..

sounds unfair to the rest who were not included with this kind of situation. hurm.. since i dont want to take any risk where by will following me any headaches or heart attacks if those big big party hit us, i just play safe.

yes, play safe la. like using condoms. hu hu.

no la, i mean avoid things that makes other parties might get things for granted. sigh. on the other hand, i did advise my staffs to not take this as things that they should revenges. esp inside our work station.

this is because we are small. if they dislike us, they will doing something that may hurting us or maybe even more. sobs.

p/s: normal life.



adenium said...

syira...kalau kene backstab ..just back-off.. mengalah bukan bererti kalah...
hepi2 sis...

Liza said...

let Allah take care of this, never ever retaliate, doa bebanyak, Insyallah, the truth will prevails