i found this as ..

July 19, 2010.


hi, blog.

let me complete the sentence 1st..

i found this as an awesome combination of colors. i cant stop thinking and surveying about this. ha ha ha.

last weekend i went to ayer hitam, i did survey some artificial flowers and hollaa i found several choices of sweet and nice roses with affordable prices.

so far, i found a perfect bunch of roses which similar like below just RM 10/ 3 bouquets. this is not about the price but the quality of the artificial flowers itself.

and then, i like the combination of colors because it was perfectly matches with my theme.

more or less, i will doing some calculations and referring to budgets before i am buying them. by the way, it was not an orange in color. it was actually beige la. hu hu.

i guess it was ok when most of stuffs are in orange colors. eh, does it ok or not??

p/s: time is running out. dup dap dup dap.



syazana said...

Hah.prepare selagi boleh.aku tak da maknanya nak rajin sesangat macam kau..hehehe...semua nak sesimple mungkin,ikut aku bg barang dalam plastik je.nasiblah tak kena hempuk dgn mama aku masa aku ckp macam tu =p

Liza said...

orange is nice sis, as long as not so bright