a sad story

July 20, 2010.


hi, blog.

i have a story to share. my mom told me this and i blog it using my version..

a managing director requested a writing report to his operational manager. he did remind him to submit his full report to her secretary by the next morning before 8am.

on the next morning, the managing director called her secretary and asked for that report. however, her secretary said she didnt get anything from that operational manager. omg, the managing directer was very angry and scolded her secretary.

then, she went out from the managing director's room and made a phone call to an operation department.

she tried to call for so many times but no body picked up the phone calls. she's turn mad and moody for the whole day.

a few hours later, one of the operation staff came to the office and submit a writing report on behalf of the operation manager. then, a secretary scolded that person because he submit the report out of the date line.

hu hu.

that person who suddenly scolded by the secretary went out of that department and turn angry. he didnt know anything, why he been scolded by that secretary mumbled that person.

things turn complicated when he went home and her wife open the door with a big smile. her wife asked him to have a dinner outside. unfortunately his husband scolded her back! gulp.

his wife was very shocked! how could his husband scolded him?! a moment later, their little girl come to her mama and said, 'mama.. mama.. look at this. i paint this picture.' *big grinned.

guess, what her mama said??

her mama shouted at her daughter, 'what are you doing? just wasting papers!!' hu hu. her little girl was frustrated and walk to her room.

on her way, there was a cat landing near by her room. that little girl was angry with her mom then she kicked the cat to show a protest sign!

hurm.. sorry for any grammatical errors. however i hope you get the points that i would like to share. the lesson learn is do control your anger. it affected many lives..

back to the story, who start 1st? the operation manager didnt submit the report according to the time line given. end up, a cat which didnt know anything being kicked by a little girl. hu hu.

it's a complicated.

therefore, recites selawat as much as you can to control your anger. winks.

p/s: i did advice myself too.
** dear my sis, please dont start any things that makes mama angy next time.



nur S.B said...

huhue... bersabarlah~

misz_nierah said...

cik syahira,contest tag. wat ek. u x de shoutbox,so i wt kt sini je. huhu


abma said...

life is unpredictable. Bad can become good. Good can become the other way round. Mesti ada yang jadi mangsa keadaan. Kata orang circle of life. Too bad kadangkala it involve the innocent people. So just hope and pray a lot that the patience is still inside our heart.
Bersabar tu kan separuh daripada iman.