wrestling T_T

July 02, 2010.


good morning blog.

last night around 2300, my dad came home with 2packs of nasi berlauk and nasi minyak from mosque. every thursday night, there have a tahlil and foods.

without further due i stand by a plate and had nasi berlauk for my supper. ha ha. then, my dad sit next to me which in front of tv and had his nasi minyak.

before that i switch tv channel to desperate housewives (the latest season) on channel 5, singapore channel. however..

my dad change to tv3! which it was a wrestling time -____-"

hu hu.

i watch it since i was 5 maybe 6 years old (as far as i could remember) with him every weeks. well, at 1st of cause i impressed with their tricks.

in fact, i still remember under taker and tripple h. i really enjoy to watch wrestling long times ago. ha ha.

but now, since it was just an entertainment and for fun i never watch it and quickly change the channel without he noticed.

if not, just be like last night. i had my supper with him and at the same time we watched wrestling. which.. i ord know all tricks they made. ha ha.

my dad seems enjoy watching it even they did the same tricks like i watch almost 20 years ago. hurm.. dad oh dad.

p/s: my dad is unique (i think). he love to watch wresting and uniforms drama such as traffic officers, policeman, fireman, customes..



Sarah Saidin said...

cik syahirah, sory sbb terpaksa reply kt cni sbb kt page awk ni xde tempat nk chat2 tu.. hehe..

btw, dah reply kt sana tp nk reply kt cni jugak. Masa kimo tu xde rasa pape pun. Tp tu semua masa awal2 lar. Nanti dah lama skit baru rasa yg pelik2 tu.

Mcm saya, cycle ke 3 baru nk stat letih2 pas abis kimo.
Cycle ke 4 stat muntah2 pulak..