past few days story part two

July 27, 2010.


hi, blog.

last saturday i went to Jj tebrau with my sweetheart. it such a beautiful day if he didnt rise up his voice. since he did it, my mood turn down and i was emo almost the whole day!!

which this is the 2nd time over about 3 years in our relationship i turn emo. sigh.

i was not an emo girl. i use to be cheerful, easy going and happy go lucky. but at the moment my mood is turn down and he did annoyed then i will left him, walk separately and doing my own business. hu hu.

we rarely fighting. i hate it because at the end one of us (fine, actually i will crying) and it was painful. so we do prefer discuss/ slow talk/ communicate and avoid it.

but, last weekend i dont know why, i am so sensitive (nearly period kot! hu hu).

at 1st he rise up his voice in front of MAC outlet, then at Padini i asked him to choose any one of sleeve and pant (purposely for the hantaran) but he dont bother, next we went to baby department's looking for her cousin's pressie and we argued which are the best offer lastly at men's department he stop by at one corner and i said i want to survey a luggage. done, i stand next to him and he said 'have you survey your luggage?!' <- i emo when he asked me with that kind of question. i mean like want to give an order. so garang! sobs.

blame me because i was so sensitive last weekend. sobs. i left him, walk alone to women department's and spend half an hour there. he call me but i refuse to receive. thing is, when i stresses i love shopping. ha ha.

i frustrated when i cant buy MAC promo set and decided to buy something. after so many rounds at women's department and just imagine i am wearing 3inches of high heels, i decided to go to scarlet (always my fav).

i love to survey row by row at scarlet, pick one item and put it back (ha ha ha). then, i received a phone call from my sweetheart. he worried at me <- see. then i told him i was merajuk and at women's department. he asked me why? sobs.. see, he didnt realized at all. sobs. sobs.

end up i bought 2 pink bras. hu hu.

so long. i fail to summarize it. i am sorry. thank you for still reading this.

then, i walk lonely with no directions and suddenly far away i saw he walked towards me. i pretend doesnt see him and look at another direction. hu hu. i can see he smile at me and i walked straight ignored him. actually, i wont show him that my mood is ok.

so, keep on pretending la. ha ha ha. oh, tired la. shall take a break 1st. will cont this later. *big grinned.

p/s: the MAIN purpose i turn emo because i was hungry. ha ha ha



Liza said...

slalu when the day about to come, mmg couples tend to fight, sabar yer sis, take care