about yesterday part one

July 25, 2010.


hi, blog.

sorry for not updating you again. yesterday i went to jb as i told you before. well, jb is ok. but we are ko!

ha ha ha. i managed to drive 1 hour and 15 mins at his place but he makes me annoyed when he let me wait for him almost 15mins inside my car! arghh..

see.. i am excited to meet him but he let me enjoy scenes at his place which i dont bothered la. fine. fine. 1st 5mins are ok not more than that eh, next time.

then, we off to jj tebrau (as usual) and 1st thing 1st i plan a night before i met him is i must buy the MAC promo set which just cost me RM250/- hu hu.

with confidently, i walk in to MAC and the sa said, i am sorry miss. how do you know about this? gulp.. he question surprised me because i am worried i asked the wrong question or etc.

however, i did explain her about MAC klcc bla bla new promo and bla bla.. the, she replied oh, like that. hurm.. i am sorry miss we cant released it until next week because there will be schedulles on next weekend.

oh what? next weekend??! today cannot buy eh? i asked her and she said, we are very sorry miss. but still you can give the deposit and we reserve it for you. kindly please collect your stuff buy next week.


the sa did show me the new promo set inside the drawer. well, i guest there are not much la. seems like, 1st come 1st serve basis la (as usual).. hu hu.

it was frustrating ever..

before i walk in to MAC (how did i write this, jumps here and there), there have a drama between my sweetheart and i. without his realized he accidently rise up his voice to me which makes me touched down. sobs again.

see.. there are too many sob here and there. let me cont later la. sob. sob.

p/s: any one, would like to be my ps to buy me a new MAC promo set T_T" i want it so badly la..