the end of the sobs weekend (last week)

July 28, 2010.


hi, blog.

hell, yeah! i turn emo when i was hungry. hu hu. that is why when he spoiled my mood, i easily merajuk, shopping separately and declined his phone calls. anyway, thanks kak liza for your advises. kindly, appreciate it.

sorry, babe. i got 2 pink bras only at Jj tebrau. neither fuchsia luggage nor MAC promo set. hu hu.

back to the story,

we bought a baby-gym to her cousin which selected by my sweetheart. at 1st i want to survey at another places but he said, 'just choose any one i like'. i replied, 'i ord choose 2 pressies before to his cousins and better this time he choose what ever he like.'


after the merajuk scenes, we decided to visit his uncle in law's house at kempas. he asked me what's going on and i replied, 'i hungry!' T_T' huhuhu

then he said, 'just be patient. after this we can eat at the kenduri aqiqah.' hurm.. sobs. i am really hungry ok! one thing about me, when i really excited to see him, i wont eat anything. because i worried that i am late, i want to have breakfast with him and i wish i could spend more time with him.

but, seriously i am wrong. end up, i suffered! sobs.

he look at me. i never smile back. he told me to accompany him to groceries department. what the fish??! i am hungry, i am wearing 3inches of high heels and he asked me to walk around with him which during that time i hope to sit and wait!!

sobs. i replied, 'i am sick. i will be waiting outside.' hu hu <- so drama queen. 5 mins. 10mins. 15 mins. arghh! why la so long?? i am sleepy while waiting for him. i am sitting alone at the bench and counting times. sigh.

i checked my hp and omg, 6 miss calls! huhu. he called me and asked where am i? i said, i dont go anywhere, just waiting for him near by the cashier counter. hu hu.

few minutes later, he come and see me. we walked to the car park. before i left Jj tebrau, i bought lemon hibiscus at starbucks. i cant wait to the kenduri because i am totally hungry. sobs. sobs.

inside the car, he gave me fries whereby he went to groceries department and queue like hell just because he want to buy the food for me.

oh, so sweet. well, yeah. please slap me because i think at the end of the day i annoyed not him! or both of us were annoyed. sigh.

on top of that, because of ego and emo we just spoiled our precious times. hu hu.

p/s: there were 2 sweet things i found about him: (1) he choose a baby gym which i think i myself never thought about it before (2) he bought me foods to reduce my emo!

**alhamdulillah. now we are ok. no more dramas.



adenium said...

so ..pls dont ever starving yourself anymore... hehehe

Liza said...

see, he does care...take care dear