more or less 2 months to go

July 22, 2010.


good morning blog.

i just measured my weight. it was 45.5 kilos. hu hu. i gain about 1.5 kilos recently. hurm. well, this is not a good news because my outfit for engagement day is ready.

which.. which.. last month i was 44 kilos! agggaga.. i did try the out fit last week and superb! it was nicely fit onto my body. so sweet. winks.

however, there are more or less 2 months to go according to the plan. i hope i stop gaining some kilos la. sobs..

thank god, fasting month is round the corner but omg i shall keep on puasa 6 after that. if not, i will be the most funniest people in the world during my engagement day!

hu hu.

so far, i did stop doing some surveying or planning for the day because my sweetheart is going for an out station again. he just left me 3 days without any news.

and, last weekend he left me 6 days without any news too! ho ho ho.. be taugh cik syahira!

therefore, i am lazy to think about it since he was not here ( i mean we cant conneting within each others).. usually he will be back on friday night and free on saturday and sunday. yeay!!

until now, see you then blog.

p/s: i wish i could run to post office today.. winks.



Liza said...

don't worry so much, i am sure you will look gorgeous on your big day!