birds are chirping out side my window

July 23, 2010.


good morning blog.

i hope today will be a better day for me. i am grateful living as what i am now with surroundings family and friends. of cause with my sweetheart too..

blogging in the morning was not i am going to do previously.. before this, around the same time and the same place i was peacefully sleeping. ha ha.

i hope this routines could be change slowly.. i thought of many things la. until when we could be like this? i need some changes in my life to make it interesting.

why not?


surprisingly when some one replied my fb status with 'amboiii.. mulut x sayangg' after i wrote ' mulakan hari mu dengan alhamdulillah. hidup lagi rupanya kih kih kih' .

that status was referring to myself. hurm. luckily i know her but not very well. so i guess she just wanna make a joke. but..

deep down there i feels that she shouldnt start with that la. i am not good enough teaching peeps to be polite but well, supposes she knows that we never comments each others before so it's awkward to start a conversation like that.

sounds embarrassing.. hu hu. just forget about her.


ouh, time is up. i shall go for shower and off to work. see you then blog.

p/s: is better not to respond rather than be like this. hurm.
** hey, there are still chirping happily out side. come on syahira!