fried egg and my old days

July 21, 2010.


hi, blog. morning.

i read her blog before i left my work station last night and cant help myself rolling on the floor laughing. no i am not laughing at her but i did remember my old days.

ha ha.

well, when i was year 1 or maybe year 2 my mom brought me fried eggs with soy beans ketchup every day. a week, a month or less were ok then comes to the next months i dislike it any more.

i am tired.

i was an ordinary girl who likes to queue at the canteen and bought sweets or chocs during recess times. back to 1992-1993 my dad gave me 20 cents only.

back to the fried egg's, i cant remember how months i keep them inside my front pocket bag?! most of the times, my mom will put a plastic of fried eggs inside my school bag and i dont know when she put a plastic of fried eggs at the front pocket. hu hu.

no one recognized it because i did change my school bag and left the old one at house. believe it, no one smells it because it packed nicely there. ha ha.

if i am not mistaken, i discover that things when i was cleaning all my school bags which couple of months later. gulp.

end up, i found fungus and dont ever said about the smells right after i open the plastic of @$^&*UY*^%)* T_T"

p/s: hey, do you have any stories to share about your old days? buzz me. i would love to visit your's truly blog and enjoy your experiences. winks.