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July 19, 2010.


good morning blog.

alhamdulillah. the order for me to change from the operational department to the management department have been cancel.

it means, i will staying with my staffs and stay dealing with current suppliers. then, no more headaches and worries..

in fact, this good news has been spread away among suppliers and staffs surprisingly all of them said, alhamdulillah. well done, cik syahira!

ha ha. i never mention yet right according to the previous plan, you-know-who will replacing my place.

so far more than 5peeps praised alhamdulillah when i said i will staying at the operational department.

i dont have any ideas why they doesnt want you-know-who conducts the team. <- deep down there, i believe they realized who should be sit on that position.

anyway, alhamdulillah for the trust given by every one for me. insya Allah, i will doing my best to the rest of the operational department. amin.

i read peej's blog. she snap her handbag and blog about it. then, comes an idea to snap my pink handbag and explore what were inside it. ha ha.

surprised me, i found 22 items inside this handbag which i dont have any ideas la since when all those things were there -___-"

check this out:

this is my pink handbag made in cambodia. it cost me USD 10 only.

it's hard for me to search the car key. sobs..

here you are 23 items inside my pink handbag:

1) vistana body lotion
2) RM 50 notes
3) intimates pad <- because it was pink. ha ha
4) sony ericsson's charger
5) body shop perfumes
6) one drop prefumes
7) typhod injection's booklet
8) red purse
9) car key
10) la senza high drama mascara
11) maybeline lipstick
12) maybeline lip gloss
13) maybeline brown eye liner
14) maybeline white eye liner
15) pens
16) pencil
17) pendrive
18) nestume mix cereals
19) drawer keys
20) sweet wrap
21) paper clips
22) brooches

see. few things i guess shouldnt be there were be there since i dont know when. ha ha. most of the times i am not a well organised person.

in fact, mine was not a huge one. seriously i cant imagine what if i have a huge one! maybe i may found an air cond remote, nail clipper or etc. >_<'

p/s: darling, i am interested to see your's. oh, perempuan-perempuanku i tag you all too.



lily lotus said...

mostly barang mekap tu memang wajib adakan :)