hello there (quick updates)

July 29, 2010.


good evening blog.

i miss you, blog. recently i am busy as usual. even tho my work loads been reduced because you-know-who helps me in purchasing order task however the head aches even attacked me more lately. sigh.

well, you-know-who and i were not mean to work/ cooperate together because we have a different directions! huhh.

ignored about him, let me update several things about me:

1) i received sms from one of my contestant (last feb's contest) this evening where by she just received the parcel. alhamdulillah. <-i just send them last few days -___-"

2) i create a new blog. any one interested to visit, drop your link here (if any). winks. <-a reason why i lazy to update here! hu hu

3) my bff and i were conform our tickets to 2nd vacations. thanks darling!!

4) is missing my sweetheart. he has away for shooting training for 3 days and 2 nights. sobs. the good news is he will be back on tomorrow evening. yeayy!!

5) will traveling tonight. ha ha.

6) see you on monday, blog. muahh!!

p/s: since i did send all prizes (sorry for keep on pending them) and now i would like to organize my 2nd contest which i dont know yet what's will it all about. any how, prizes are fresh from this weekend trip. ha ha.



misz_nierah said...

dh dapat present u. my dad bru bgtau smlm. thanks you :)

adenium said...

sorri sis tak respon text... credit banyak... tapi ..expired..tak sedar...hehehehe

lily lotus said...

happy new month :)