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June 10, 2010.


good afternoon blog.

switching from construction industry to food and baverages industry is not a big deals for me. in fact, i am still in the similar post which is under management level.

in current position, i am planning and coordinating people, managing operation activities, supervising daily operations, problem solving and doing lot of decision making.

nowadays, the hot chat issue is regarding on sugar supply. i cant deny this because i am facing this prob around a month ago. hurm. it is my 2nd time experienced though/ hard times while working.

1st, during the increment of cement prices last 2008. it happen while i was in construction industry. now, on 2010 i am working in food and baverages industry i am facing this kind of probs. hu hu.

see.. limited 2kilos per family. wtf.

eh, if am not mistaken every year when there comes to hari raya i noticed sugar, oil and anything regarding foods materials will be out of stock lah, not enough supply lah.

hurm.. what are the matter eh actually? are they trying to keep them and playing games?? i think so lah. sigh.

since this is part of problems that i shall solves, i managed to call my supplier and asked him about sugar stocks. then, he did send me 1ctn only (12kilos) per week! omg, as i mention before randomly i need 10 kilos per day lol!

i havent choices at all except went supermarkets and bought sugar. i did it. my staffs did it. every one did it for good sake. hu hu.

here were random pics i managed to get sugar supply from:

huh! i spend half day to buy sugar. end up, i managed to get 9 kilos only. it is tiring! me, not like.

p/s: i report this to hq and asked them for assist/help.

**i found a supplier who manage to supply me RM2/kilos! urghh.. crazy. it supposed RM1.65 or RM1.70 still can considered la.

***i think selling sugar RM2/kilos are against the rule! where shall i report abouth this eh??

****see. some parties now were taking for granted right? sh*t!



Liza said...

it's difficult to get sugar now right? even in my area, it's difficult