day 69: world cup

June 12, 2010.


hello blog. hello world cup die hard fans.

last night my sweetheart text me after he finished his work. i like!! couple of days ago, almost every nights he works until morning and left me alone. sob.

but never mind. as long as the celcom broadband is full coverages and the farm frenzy pizza party is on the desktop i am doing fine. ha ha.

back to the topic, i did asked him about his favvy soccer country and he proudly replied me 'now and forever italy!' hu hu hu.

then, i text him 'wait and see. ha ha!'

because i am a big fan of argentina. la la la. thank god argentina and italy are not in the same groups. mine was in group b on the other hand, his favvy was in group f. fine..

meaning that, there is no points for us to fight just because of soccer/ world cup! ha ha ha.

p/s: what are you favvy countries?
** kak liza, i know you are one of a die hard fan of soccer right? wink..



Liza said...

you got that right sis! hari2 mengadap tv tgk bola nie, and my team this world cup is Spain!!!!