not so important to read

June 24, 2010.


hi, blog.

last night i am going home around 10pm. it was tiring day.. since i am fasting couple of days ago and working extra hours then i am planning to go to work late this morning.

but, around 730am while i was sleeping one of my staff text me inform that some of raw materials are running low. fine, yesterday i forgot to double check them -__-"

around 830am i wake up and read her sms. then, i replied 'ok'. means i will taking further actions.

while i was lying on bed i make a phone call to one of my staff (other staff) asked about her appointment at the hospital. she told me that she was not gettingwell and requesting for mc.

hurm.. i know she's not doing well couple of days before. then, i said 'ok, no worries. you can rest today'. hope she will be ok tomorrow.

so, i am lacking of one staff today! i immediately taking shower and getting ready to work.

around 915am, i safely arrived at my work station.

after giving a short/ not a formal briefing to my staffs, i am wearing my apron and zasss.. i am helping my staff to cover her tasks.

since the menu for lunch hour are:

nasi beriyani
ayam masak merah

i join my staff in the kitchen preparing menu for lunch hour.. sounds challenging! ha ha.

being a young leader, i am not having any probs to lend my hands helping them and at the same time monitoring the operational progress.

however, i pretty well know most of people love to say/ complain something at your back. i did my best even helping them yet they still complaining at my back! claims that lot of works to do lah, pay cheaps lah..


i dont care. when they tired, of cause they stop it.

talking about lot of works, hello! i did help too not like you-know-who. oh, please, i dont want to compare but the truth is there.. he never helps but burdens his staffs.

then, complaining about pay cheaps omg! that was annoying statement ever, ok. does she/ he realized that she/ he eat for FREE everyday and sometimes BRING HOME lots lots lots of food too.

for an example the menu of today is nasi beriyani. how much is the price of beriyani per plate?? if like nasi beriyani power batu pahat, the price is RM15++

hello.. just calculates la. all those things if you convert to money that exactly covers even more than enough for your salary. hurm.

people always like that.. never appreciate!

ok, enough for today. ha ha. see. this is not important. then why you read this?

p/s: anyway thank you for still reading until the end.



YuNa said...

^_^ da bis baca.. nyum2.. nasi beriani free!!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum darling,

free foods always delicious.
ha ha..