my blog is carbon neutral

June 24, 2010.


hello blog!!

any idea about carbon neutral? what is carbon neutral all about? does this important to be carbon neutral blog? let's brainstorming..

carbon neutral is reducing carbon dioxide emissions by planting A TREE. how it works?

see.. carbon dioxide enters the leaves through stomata (tiny holes) in the leaves. then, oxygen is released.

my blog is carbon neutral is an initiative started by GERMANY by making THE GREEN PROGRAMME. they will plant a tree for one registered blog where by this small contribution helps to save environment.

what are you waiting for? make it happen and make it green.

here's how to participate:

1) write a blog post about the initiative + insert your fav button.
2) email the link to your post to
3) they plant a tree for your blog in Plumas’ country, california.

note: they will plant a tree for each domain. please copy the html code and paste it in your blog / side bar.

finally, there are few unique buttons to share:

local shopping offers and coupons with

carbon neutral local offers with

carbon neutral offers coupons and shopping with

voucher and local offers - co2 neutral with

carbon neutral local offers and voucher with

p/s: like or dislike? come and join me here.
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liyana said...

tanks for the support babe.. big hug