not really DOUBLE FUN

June 07, 2010.


good morning afternoon blog.

today is the 1st day off holiday. i forgot to set off the alarm and it wake me up on 0630 hu hu. i cont my sleep until my mom shouted at me complain why i sleep a lot!

what the?? this is the 1st day of holiday la. pass few days i am working like crazy, please excuse me mom on having a quality time this morning. hu hu.

never mind.

then, my dad called me and asked about today's plan. he want to send my car to workshop. he said it might be takes a week and plus! omg.

how do i live without car????? sob.

i plan:

- to go to hq this evening to submit some reports and documents. doing bla bla works.

- after that going to bp mall to buy some foods and foods.

- post office to send all pressie to my lovely blogger buddies.

eh, i used to wake up early and doing some sweating activities every day, but today i laid down doing nothing except blogging can makes me feels bored.

in fact, blogging never makes me bored but doing nothing and resting in my nest will completely makes me suffering la i guess esp when i dont have car for few days or maybe a week!

omg. omg.what shall i do??

p/s: off shower now. hu hu. i hope i can doing some progress for my thesis! because i borrow some books in library last months. so, i shall read every single pages never miss. *is warned myself.



Liza said...

weekends will be the days i qadha tidur...bila lagik kan