successfully done

June 06, 2010.


hi, blog.

alhamdulillah. the big task is successfully done! we work extremely hard and served our 200% of commitments in order to ensure every single things are doing fine.

being a young leader and having a limited knowledge/ experiences in this industry, i managed to conduct my team as well as surroundings included 600pax since thursday eve until sunday noon.

i admit there were several things highlighted and shall be improved for our good sake.

hurm.. i, personally reliefs because this is a HUGE responsibility to carry on and i managed to handle/ control this event.

in fact, there were certain critical times occurred during 4 days and 3 nights event!

such as not enough foods on the 1st and 2nd day (nearly die!die!), did not get enough info, incomplete of stocks, stocks running out of low, cash is zero, changes of menu at the very last minutes, over budget and etc etc! (almost die, again!) hu hu.

never ask me what i feel during the critical time. i dont want to remember all tragic scenes T_T i am grateful when all my staffs are supporting each others and never let one of us down.

well done and good job!

phew.. it is hard. not easy. ha ha. i really challenges myself (mental and physical on doing this)! my weekend is pack and i wanna spend few hours left with my happy family watching tv.

until now, see you then blog.

p/s: i off from June 07 - June 19. it is heaven!