my engagement day. NOT YET

June 29, 2010.


good morning blog.

i am glad, i have a good friend i mean honestly a true friend since i was in girl school. syazana is one of my gazillion friends.. but finding a true friends like her in the early stages are not easy.

alhamdulillah, we stick together until now.

a trivia about syazana and cik syahira (ha ha ha):

1) since form one if i am not mistaken during the examination we did sit near each others because no one else have a name like syazana and syahira.

i mean, the spelling of sya-zana and sya-hira. like no sya sya else in our class. ha ha.

2) we're 1st elder sisters in family. i know almost the whole of her family including her aunts and uncles plus cousins because of some different stories.

same like her. she did know well about my family too.

3) we're happy go lucky and loves hang out. eh, i guess rengit cafe will definitely be my fav spot to date with her.

babe, what you say?

4) still doing master in different local universities. well, both of us are trying hard struggling to complete our master by next semester. insya Allah.

5) last but not least, easch of us are one of the best place to share tears and happiness.

because we're true friends, each of us will doing the best for one another. such as she pick me up when my car in worksop and i spend my time accompany her to bridal boutique last time.

fine.. we're closed back after lost contact last 2 years. alhamdulillah.. until now when both of us decided to stay at hometown we did spend our time together without our aussie girl..

i dont want to write much. enjoy peeps..

i am sorry babe.. i am late. which was very late. she text me around 12pm asked either i am attend or not. of cause i replied, yes i am.

then around 3pm she call me. over ok! ha ha. she mad at me because the reception is over. huhh! i dont care. i am struggling to finish my work and zass to meet her.

supposed it takes 1/2 an hour from my work station to her grandma's house, however i've LOST. sob. i hate! stress ok.

finally i manage to reach her grandma's house around 4pm T_T

she's pretty and look so sweet (sila jangan perasan!) still i love you babe. ha ha. i like her soft orange out fit.

see.. who is orang kaya now? ha ha. i love her mini dais. totally awesome. simple and sweet. with orange flowers, white frames, pomander balls.. perfect!

babe, i am really happy to see you there and i hope i could return to 12pm last sunday and stay with you on your engagement day.

i am sorry. i am late. sob.

all and all, i am happy with the foods (sedap dowh..), the moist chocs (heaven sey..) and the hospitality from your mom. thank you very much, babe.

i am praying hard that you will be stronger to go through all the phases in your life. insya Allah, i will always there for you no matter in what reasons. i am happy with you and your fiance.

all the best in your future undertakings. amin.

p/s: enough bodek membodek session. let's rengit cafe. ha ha



lily lotus said...

ohh ur bff rupanya. congrates to her :)...waiting for her engagement punya entry pulak..hehe

syazana said...

sudah update..hahaha thank you so much dear.dah tanggal bulu mata palsu aku br kau nak sampai..hahaha.bila free kita gi ngeteh kat Rengit cafe lagi.

Liza said...

lambat takpe sis, better late than never