bam bam's

June 29, 2010.


good morning blog.

last sunday, my bff visited me at my work station. my pleasure to great them after quit some times we didnt met each others.

well, last time we met was back to 2009, during her wedding reception at kuala lipis pahang. then she preggy until she delivered bam bam 4 months ago.

when i was in pangkor island with my sweetheart, we bought bam bam a sexy dress. thanks god, it just nice on bam bam's.

who is bam bam? she is my bff's daughter. her full name is fathiah nisrina, 4 months. i called her bam bam because..

spot her chubby cheeks!

see.. i guess her cheeks much chubbier than me T_T

candite syndrome by her mother.. seems like i am not satisfied! ha ha

arghh!! i want to eat her..*rofl

i cant help myself. at 1st i behave.. i control.. then, after 10 mins i hold bam bam and we're cam whoring..

thank god she's doing fine. less cranky. i likes when she's mumbling and bubbling. cute!

actually i dont know how to handle baby and this is my 1st time. it's awkward. hu hu.. alhamdulillah, bam bam are sporting, easy going and the most important thing is she's friendly..

last but not least, to auntie sabil bam bam wish to meet you..

p/s: i miss bam bam. sob. i am praying hard, bam bam will be a good daughter to her parents and aunts (fine, i am an auntie now >_<) last forever.