mini dais. what you say?

June 23, 2010.


good morning blog.

this is a last week entry. so, i should start with..

last weekend i went to carrefour with my mom and lil sister. recently i am having a small small problems on remembering things then i forgot what is the purpose we went there.

still, it is not as important as what i found there.

yess. an english style's shop. now i am looking forward to have my dream mini dais similarly like above pic. i love simple and sweet.

since this is just an engagement, no need to spend much. *coughs. have i told you that i am surveying for a single white frame mini dais and it cost me RM500 T_T

is better i spend RM500 to bandung trip and shopping with my darling. ha ha.

p/s: my mom advice me to diy for the mini dais.



*ayu the sun* said...

i support ur mom!
DIY je.. cheaper and lebih puas hati..