i dislike waiting

June 23, 2010.


hi, blog.

i am not sure, how many of you are able to wait and how long? no matter what, waiting is such an annoying things except IF it is seriously worth.

otherwise, it worst!

now i am waiting for:

a file where by still loading like snail -___-" oh, please!!

my sweetheart who promise to call me. which sometimes he just makes another believe or not promises T_T most of the time he didnt. sob.

another job opportunities. hey, i am good in planning and monitoring people. i love doing paper works, management is my passion and i enjoy working individually/ in groups. in fact, i have no complains working under stress. ha ha.

dreams come true such as the engagement day. wink.

last but not least, completing my master's degree in uitm. hu hu.

well, i am sick waiting for so long.

eg to complete my master's degree. since i am doing this part time in shah alam and full time of working in down south johore, this is the biggest challenge forme. sob.

next, waiting for my sweetheart. hurm. i never said that we 24/7 showered by joys and happiness. there are some certain times, deep down there is hurtful.

i dont know, but it is true. maybe because i am really missing him. i never complains, however i accept the path i choose to get through this journey.

every people have a different experiences. at the early stage, i am stress and always cried. only my darling, the best place to go. then, comes my girls who love to hang out with me and cheer me up.

now, when i move to down south i dont have any girls who can share my sadness and happiness. until, i meet my old ex-girl school girl friend. ha ha. you know who you are!

omg. i am lost. hu hu.

back to the track, let me check 1st either the file which i wanna download is ready or not. hurm..

oh, sh*t! i am wasting my times. there is another easy way to settle this. no need to download craps. just click one right button and send. done.


p/s: why i discover this late??



Kamarul said...

Insyallah setiap kesabaran ada balasannya!

nak mendptkan berat badan idealdi samping tambah pendapatan?

sila lah ke blog sy

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farahfatihah said...

sabar dear..=)

syazana said...

Fikiran bercelaru?...text me if u need me?..owh tapi sekarang i bz lah yang..tapi kalau kau dalam keadaan betul2 tak best..insyaallah aku cuba ada untuk kau.