June 15, 2010.


hi, blog.

i miss my girlfriends. i miss all moments we hang out together. i miss all their silly and nasty jokes. i miss making noises with them. oh, i really miss my girlfriends. sob. sob.

i miss my darling too. i really miss my 1st time we met, become closer and fights. ha ha ha. then we become more closer than before. such as siblings.. i miss all moments when we share joys and happiness and tears and many more. sob. sob.

last night i blog walking then i found greater deals from MALAYSIA AIRLINES. *big grinned.

check this out, here

since i never fly using MAS yet, this is such a great opportunity to fly to bandung for my 2nd time. hurm.. anyone wanna join me?

p/s: yuk ke bandung!



wawa syaida said...

wsalam cik syahira

waaaa pink =)....wawa pun suka menda2 yang kaler pink ni... ni mesti dah suka giler kan dengan pink...

kalau tak kisah, cik sya share la ngan bloggers semua hobi cik sya tu... best best *___*

**best tak gi bandung...tingin la nak gi sana +___+