is NOT for sale

June 28, 2010.


hi, blog.

my new pink stuff. what you say??

please ignore the model baju tidur above. she's my sister. haha.

well, you know me NOT you-know-who. hu hu. i am addicted and easily influenced by pink items. this is my not so sure when to use pink.cute.bag. ^___^

the story is like this..

last april i went for an interview at jb. at the mosque, i found a young lady like my age use this bag to fill her telekung.

at the 1st time i said, 'wow. seriously i wanna buy this one day!!'. i tried to survey but the price seems very expensive..

until last friday, during lunch hour i went to carrefour and drop by at one shop which selling women stuffs.

she did gave me (i think quit ok la) better price and without further due i grab this!

of cause in pink. but my mom said, she do prefer orange. omg!

p/s: orange is for my sweetheart. i may not good in orange la i think. pink-orange maybe nice..



wawa syaida said...

waaaaa....cik sya dh bukak cite dh eyyy pink pink ni....cute nye beg tu...maybe extra cute sebab pink colour kan... item +____+ heeee