before the engagement day story

June 28, 2010.


morning blog.

no. no. no. not my engagement day story. it was about my buddy. well, who else.. syazana! hey, congratulation babe.. ha ha.

last friday we went to rengit cafe (2nd time dating with her at this place).

personally i love the foods but.. one or two of their waiter/ waitress are not supposed hang on at my back seat. i am not sure why but i feels like uneasy gossiping with my buddy. hu hu.

forget about them.. over all i love the foods. no complains at all.

not much to share about 2 days before her engagement day.. except we brainstorming and cracking our heads discussing about our love, life and career.

hurm.. there are lot of things to highlight eh esp planning for engagement day and onwards. haih.. since i am busy with work loads and soon my thesis, i think i shall postpone talking about my engagement.

or maybe if i stress with work and study, i will doing some progress for my hantarans or updates anything about the preparation for my engagement day. soon.

fine. better i stop now and enjoy my pics:

soya cincau, my fav in rengit cafe.

the menu of the day, chicken chop.

the bride to be..

sometimes i did a good job on finding the conclusion of my story. but according to our date last thursday, i end up my date with her when i nearly sleep on the table. ha ha.

no la just joking. around 9pm we off to home..

p/s: nervous oh. she just pass the nervous level. then.. comes to my turn. gulp!



syazana said...

Babe thank you so much.aku sayang kau sangat2 sebab sanggup kusut cr jalan gi rumah nenek aku..hahaha sayang kau sbb kira stock cepat2. =p