black out updates

June 25, 2010.


good morning blog.

i am sad. i did my best in this job but some of my suppliers playing dirty again. again means, they do this more that one time.. sigh.

i know i am still young then easier for you guys (my suppliers) to make me idiots without a clue. seems like all those mistakes done by me! arghh..

some situations that i am trying to avoid:

1) supplier A asked for my helps. he has 300 donut rings and decide to let them go with cheaper prices to me. i did asked him about the expired date (at least i argued him before i simply helps him).

at the same time, i cancel the original order to supplier B because i wanna help supplier A.

i thought, why dont i help him because we are living under the same roof and he offered me better prices.

unfortunately, he send me donut rocks! my clients lost their temper and scolded me. damn. not even that that, i heard some of them complains about it.

argh. sh*t!

i swear, no matter what happens i will NEVER EVER helps him again. because.. previously supplier A did send apples, bananas and buns which are nearly expired!

2) supplier C send me fruits. i have never probs with him esp when we are talking/ discussing about purchase orders.

then, he looks REALLY nice at me. soft spoken and warm person.

however, he likes to play dirty such as send me fruits esp bananas that i never order which he ord write the bill under my company's name!

see.. so rude is it?

who wanna pay for those sh*t?? hurm.. not even than that, he send me low quality of fruits such as honeydew and oranges. i am stress ok meeting supplier like him.


black out! will be back soon.

p/s: i am writing this before i left my work station -___-"



Liza said...

hang in there sis, it's just a phase and it'll pass, take care and have a good weekend!