the idea is there

July 17, 2010.


hello blog.

last weekend i went to my 1st visit to bridal boutique at parit raja (batu pahat, johore).

it was raining, i am wearing simple t-shirt with pink cardigan (my trademark is pink!) and taking public transport there. i am alone.

the bridal boutique is seri mempelai collections.

my ex-primary schoolmate, azlan is the owner's lil brother. i met him last year during my old friend's engagement day. he was the profesional makeup artist. ^________^

then, we exchanged hp numbers. in business study that is what we called searching a network.

ok. back on the track, syahira!! -__-"

so, i went to the bridal boutique. eh, i was in his bridal boutique. since, it was my 1st time excluded accompany sabil my darling last year. i am quite nervous and being shy to snap pics.

hu hu hu.

therefore, no pics on my 1st visit.

the discussion, brainstorming and surveying done very well. alhamdulillah. basically the idea is there. what i need to do now is doing some research about the diy mini dais.

i dream a simple yet sweet and beautiful mini dais. however, of cause the total damage extremely broke me at the end of the day.

so.. i decided to mix and match ideas, then at the same time renting few stuffs such as the mini stage and deco, sport lights and 9 dulang hantarans.

pics credited to watermark's above.

sweet is it?

p/s: english concept is one of the fav idea nowadays. hurm.. why not?



Liza said...

where is this bridal boutique ye, adik k liza pun nak kawin kat batu pahat gak, may ber kan consider kot