about my lil car

June 17, 2010.


hi, blog.

i did complains mentions about my lil car have been send to workshop. this is because she need a major make over on her skin. *she just a car, not a human lol! hu hu.

here are some pics of my lil car before my dad send her to workshop:

fine.. it's hard to see clearly scratches, manges, fungal infections and etc. hu hu. however, all of them were there. sob.

plus on the pic no. 3 shown, her ugly side due last year one unknown vehicle hit my car at the carpark T_T

i used to call it, 'lesung pipit'. sigh.

back to the major make over, the main purpose my dad send her because want to repair the lesung pipit, re-paint and polish the whole body.

at the end, the cost is RM1,500. sob. sob.

p/s: sound expensive but it worth for more than 5 years.

** depends on how you taking care of it. wink.