mood swing

May 21, 2010.


good morning blog.

nice. on this fine friday morning i start my day with yesterday's half cup full of hate! hurm.. luckily today is half day at work. by this evening i will having fun with my lil sister..

talking about half cup full of hate, there are few stories that makes me dissapointed with my thursday. sigh.

story 1:
i did not have enough sleep last two days because of cafe world. then i decided to have a short nap by yesterday's morning.. i paused my alarm. end up i went to work by 9am!

story 2:
i plan to go to hq 1st and collect some raw materials. i send sms to my staff asked her if she wanted any raw materials but she replied by friday every one is working half day! nice. it was a good news. ha ha.

then she added, there are not enough prawns for lunch menu. hurm. i need to search for it in the wet market or carrefour! omg. i am not supposed handle this yet..

previously, there is one person who i dislike him badly took in charge. nice. he is trying to play dirty..

story 3:
i cancel the plan to hq and immediately went to not-so-wet-market. i found prawns but.. there have two types which are bit bigger and way smaller. hu hu. i confused! which one eh..

one is RM10 per kilo and another one is RM 15. thank god i have enough cash on time. then, i asked for 10kilos for the cheapest one. ha ha.

supposed the biggest one!

yet, it is not what i hate about today. thing that makes me way dissapointed is one of the staff there is very rude.

he scolded his colleague because his colleague gave me free two or three small small prawns. grr.. 'hello!! did you think that i dont have enough money to pay you????

no manners!

however, i still can control myself and did not replied him. hurm.. even his tokey is very kind to me and she treats me well.. hurm.

story 4:

hurm.. i think that's all for today. sometimes i am having a problem to control the anger. i know it is not good. however, being me i tend to angry, forgive and forget.

by end of the day, i am doing fine. wink.

p/s: i am an easy going person. i react when i like or dislike. no worries, i did not anger without reasons.. hu hu.