thank you very much

May 20, 2010.


good morning blog.

this is a quick update. an important note for public as well for me too.

i would like to encourage peeps to appreciate others by saying thank you very much.. or thanks should be ok too.

in fact, i oso remind myself to do so.

this is because from my observation, peeps today is passing by and blah such as no manner even in front of peeps who are older than them.

omg, it is not a good example for kids today!

on the other hand, i always remind my brothers and sisters to say thank you to makcik-makcik, kakak and abang-abang who served for your foods every day.

however, there are still some of them ignored and being rude. sigh.

in this cases, if they pass in front of me i would say you are most welcome loudly. then he/ she will smiling and say sorry kakak. thank you, kakak. hurm.

it is ok..

the reason i did this, just to educate them to respect and appreciate peeps and any thing around them.

i am not a teacher or any one else in front of them. but being a human, i would love to share simple things which good for them to learn.

therefore, thank you very much for reading this. wink.

p/s: sorry if having major grammatical errors!