is watching ewah-ewah tv3

May 11, 2010.


good afternoon blog.

i am on leave today. to be spesific, unpaid leave which deducted me RM 56.70 T_T

according to the plan, i supposed present my final project this morning. however, when i arrived at the faculty the officer told me that it re-shedulled to tomorrow. hu hu hu.

surprised me, few of my colleages also did not know about this. haih.. they have taking on leave too. in fact, some of them have other commitments such as out station, meeting and etc.


now i am with my girl, terompahsurau and watching ewah-ewah at tv3. hurm.. dont have any plan yet.. things that i doesnt like now is i shall waiting for tomorrow morning for the final presentation.

not like. not like.

eh. this is a teaser for my 1st trip to i-city.. wink. more updates will publish later..

p/s: suppose i am going home by this evening but it change to tomorrow after present project! sigh.



lily lotus said...

ohh..then bolehlah prepare dgn lebih bagus for the presentation esok..all the best